Mr and Mrs Fearnley

Natalie and Daniel have shared their lives together for the past 11 years, having been childhood sweethearts.

The Venue

A beautiful setting looking out across the Nottinghamshire hills from Goosedale.  The birdcage was a particular favourite of both mine and the couple, the views are just lovely for capturing the backdrop and sunset.  The weather was unpredictable but did allow some breaks in the rain to get some superb natural light shots as well as some off camera flash shots as the light levels dropped into the evening.

The Equipment

I always shoot Nikon.  Is it better than competitors?  I’ve no idea, I’ve only shot with Nikon, I presume it’s each to their own preferences and choices. 

I have several camera bodies, lately my turn to lens for venue such as Goosedale is my Tamron 150-600mm.  Yes, it’s a huge lens but I’ve found really useful to getting the detail I need such as the exchanging of rings and aspects such as the Groom’s tears; Daniel you know it’s true, the camera never lies!

My other lens is my Nikon 15-50mm.  It’s not the kit lens, but for me it’s a great around lens that adapts nicely to demands of wedding ceremonies in being a relatively short focal length with an elements of zoom.

Flashes are body mounted during the ceremony and breakfast parts of the day.  I tend to go off camera flash for the group shots depending on the weather and light but I always try an incorporate off camera flash for the intimate couple shots.

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